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Disability Accessible Remodeling • Bathroom Installation • Kitchen Remodels

Res-Custom-Home-Solutions-1Since 2003, Exalt Him Properties has been the Disability Accessible Remodeling Experts of Washington. We specialize in disability remodeling projects for seniors, disabled adults and parents of disabled children. As the accessible remodeling experts we provide remodels to fit your special needs and mobility issues.   Projects include bathroom installations, full bathroom remodels, full kitchen remodels, full home remodels and additions.  If you or your loved one lives with a disability we can help you all live with accessibility and the independence you deserve. 

Do you have doorways and walkways that need widening? Your disability accessible remodeling experts widen these areas for easier access to showers and other rooms. Some contractors improperly build and install bathtubs and showers. Your accessible remodeling experts will correct this problem for you. We assist you in planning and designing your accessible remodel.

And you’ll know the exact cost with your on-site free estimate. Once you approve your project we get started right away. Having a disability remodeling expert helps you avoid potential falls and maintains your independence. We’re licensed, bonded and insured. And we guarantee our work. Choose the disability remodeling experts of Washington for your special needs projects.

  • Custom Bathroom Installation
  • Walk–in bathtubs
  • Barrier-free showers
  • Hoist Ways and Private Elevators
  • Full Kitchen Remodels
  • Full Bathroom Remodels
  • Wheelchair and Walking Ramps
  • Bathroom and Kitchen additions
  • Mobile Demo
  • Full Home Remodels
  • DSHS Repair Work

Custom Bathroom Installation • Remodel

Res-Custom-Home-Solutions-3Custom bathroom installation removes the fear of trying to get into your bathtub. Standard bathrooms don’t have walk-in showers or bathtubs. Custom bathroom installation turns your bathroom into a safe place to bathe and maneuver. With your custom bathroom installation you’ll be able to bathe in comfort, style and safety. Custom bathroom installation maintains your independence, privacy and dignity.

  • Safe bathing solutions for people of all abilities
  • Handicap accessible remodeling for all abilities
  • Barrier-free showers for fast and easy access
  • Walk-in bathtubs for safe fast entry and exiting
  • Bathroom additions to accommodate special needs
  • Safety bars to assist with standing and sitting

Full Kitchen Remodels

It’s not easy getting around poorly constructed kitchens. We offer full kitchen remodels for safe and easy access. Our full kitchen remodels help you perform normal kitchen activities. A full kitchen remodel makes cabinets, drawers and silverware easily accessible. We use full kitchen remodels to make your standard kitchen wheelchair accessible. This includes widening doorways. Enjoy easier access to your kitchen. Contact us for your full kitchen remodel.

  • Wheelchair accessible for independent living
  • full kitchen remodels
  • Brand name sinks, appliances, flooring and more
  • Removal of old floor tiles and leaking appliances
  • Plumbing replacement for leaking and damaged pipes

Mobile Showroom

There’s an old saying “that the proof is in the pudding.” We’ll arrive at your home with our mobile showroom. The mobile showroom gives you a live example of walk-in showers and bathtubs. See for yourself how safe, stylish and convenient a custom bathroom will be. The mobile showroom lets you test the safety bars and other features of a custom bathroom installation. Your Accessible Remodeling Expert will answer any questions you have.

Service Area

We service the entire state of Washington. Your Accessible Remodeling Expert will bring a mobile showroom to you!

Contact your Accessible Remodeling Experts at 253-248-4143.

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